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Gia Paige

Aliases: Gia Page

Country: United States

Born: June 18, 1990

Eye: Hazel

Hair: Brown

Height: 154 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Boobs: Natural

Views: 4

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Gia Paige is a <a href="">pornstar</a> who has been in some media drama. Let’s start with the basics about this <a href="">brunette bombshell</a>. Gia had always been interested in nude photography so when she got her break in 2013 modeling for an alt nude site called Suicide Girls it sparked a curiosity. Nude modeling made her feel great and she wanted to experience more. In 2015 She started frequenting sites looking for more nude modeling gigs when she got a reply from an agent asking if she would ever do porn. A week later she quit her job as a manager at a pizzeria and was on a plane to New York to start her new career. Gia was 25 when she started porn and before that she had many different jobs ranging from a rehab facility to nannying. None of those jobs compared to the freedom and empowerment she felt from being an adult film actress. Gia has won 4 awards so far and is determined to make that number higher.
Now let’s get to the drama. Gia was the star of one of the episodes of a Netflix documentary series called Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On. She was asked some questions by the producers about her family that made her feel uncomfortable, so she asked them to take that part out. There was also another part of the video where her full legal name was visible, and she asked them to take that part out, too. However, the producers didn’t do as she asked because she had signed a release, and they felt they didn’t need to respect her privacy. Since then, people have been stalking her and her family (who thankfully already knew about her porn career). They even sent pics of her work to her family and found out where they all live. Gia was frightened and upset about all of this, and the producers never apologized, arguing that they were within their legal rights.
In any case, Gia didn’t let that incident stop her from doing what she loves. She kept making porn, and it fired her resolve to live her best life and forget about the haters!

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